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Moravian Manor proudly presents Kim Campbell, wife of legendary country/ pop star Glen Campbell.

Kim was married to Glen Campbell for 34 years until his passing in
August 2017, following a long and very public battle with Alzheimer’s. The
documentary, Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me, shared their family’s journey with
the world and opened up a national conversation about the disease.

Determined to help other families on the same journey, Kim founded, to encourage caregivers to take care of themselves, and to
improve the quality of life of families living with dementia through education, advocacy, and real-world change. She also established The Kim and Glen Campbell Foundation to promote the use of “music as medicine” to alleviate depression, manage behaviors, boost the immune system, improve cognition, and alter the brain chemistry associated with the wellbeing and stress reduction, augmenting or reducing the need of pharmacological interventions.

Among her many accolades, Kim recently received the Alzheimer’s Drug
Discovery Foundation – Great Ladies Award, the US Against Alzheimer’s –
Women Making Change Award, and the Alzheimer’s Association – Caregiver
Leadership Award.

Monday, October 14, 2019
Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
Private VIP Reception: 5:45-6:45 pm
Dinner served at 7 p.m.

August 21, 2019-Jonathan Sauder

When it comes to living your best life, a furry friend can make all the difference.

That’s why, at Moravian Manor, we consider ourselves a pet-friendly Life Plan community with heart. Our philosophy is simple: we believe that pets help us “live in the moment” and enrich our lives both physically and emotionally.

No one should have to give that up just because they’re entering retirement living.

Moravian Manor not only offers a welcoming environment for owners of cats, dogs, fish, and birds, we remain committed to making sure residential pet ownership is part of our future. Our expansion plans include the construction of a dog park and other pet friendly amenities. Currently, we have an interconnecting sidewalk system that keeps residents and their pets secure within our community. And as a community within a community, our residents are free to take their pets for a casual stroll into the peaceful and bucolic borough of nearby Lititz whenever the spirit moves them.

Pets are Part of Our Identity

Moravian Manor also has partnerships with several therapy groups, including KPETS, whose volunteers bring animals into our community every month. And when it comes to visits, family and friends are welcome to bring their pets into all of our areas of our skilled care, personal care, and assisted living facilities.

While we make the health of our residents a top priority, we understand that the health of their pets is among their top priorities. The good news is that Moravian Manor is surrounded by several, well-respected veterinary practices that are located within a 5-mile radius of our community.

Pets are ingrained in every aspect of life here at Moravian Manor. Not only does our pet policy allow for them, future residents who are finalizing their wish lists for their new homes can make upgrades that include pet-friendly finishes, as well.

The Rules

Because we’re a residential community and a health care facility, there are, of course, some rules, restrictions, and safety guidelines we expect our residents and visitors to follow.

For example, we have a pet information and emergency agreement that identifies who will take responsibility in the event an owner becomes absent or has an emergency. We also need all shot records and inoculation documentation to be on record with our facility. Likewise, a non-refundable, one-time deposit of $250 is required for pet owners.

In the cottages, carriage homes, or townhomes there are no weight limits, but animals must be 50 pounds or less to reside in an apartment, and dogs are restricted to first-floor apartments only.

One dog per home is permitted, or two cats, or a combo of one dog and one cat. Our insurance company also requires us to restrict certain dog breeds that can sometimes be perceived as aggressive. Sorry!

Learn More—Call Today!

If you’re ready to move into a Life Plan community that respects the bond you have with your pet, give us a call at 717-625-6000 or email Nicole Michael, our director of marketing at We can’t wait to tell you more about how our facility will suit your needs—and the needs of your pet—now and in the future! Make Moravian Manor your choice for a pet-friendly retirement destination!

August 19, 2019-Jonathan Sauder

Grand Opening of The Owl’s Nest Restaurant & Sippery at Warwick Woodlands Showcases Locally Sourced and Sustainably Produced Menu

The Owl’s Nest Restaurant & Sippery

Warwick Woodlands Campus – 600 W. 6th Street**

Open for Lunch:

  • 11 AM to 4:30 PM – Monday thru Saturday
  • 11 AM to 3:00 PM – Sunday

Open for Dinner:

  • 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM – Monday thru Thursday
  • 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM – Friday and Saturday

Reservations not required

Check Out The Dinner Menu!

Check Out The Lunch Menu!

LITITZ, PA (June 3, 2019) – The Owl’s Nest Restaurant & Sippery located on Moravian Manor’s newest campus, Warwick Woodlands, opened its doors Monday, June 3 featuring an array of daily fresh, local farm/sea to table comfort food “with a twist.” The alfresco dining restaurant is located at 600 W. 6th Street in the newly completed Oaks Campus Center and Woods Apartments. Open to the public with no reservations needed, launch dinner hours are Monday through Thursday, 4:30-8pm, and Friday & Saturday, 4:30-9 pm. Enhanced hours will be added in time to include breakfast and lunch offerings as well.

“In planning the menu for The Owl’s Nest, we wanted to utilize locally sourced and sustainably produced ingredients to help elevate the menu and set it apart,” explained Bill Kehler, General Manager of Dining Services at Moravian Manor. “A majority of our menu proteins will be sourced from Indian Ridge Provisions, based in Telford, out in Bucks/Montgomery County, PA. We’ll also be featuring ice cream from Fox Meadows Creamery and soft pretzel products from Dutch County Pretzels, both located in our neighboring town of Ephrata. And our coffee is sourced right from Whiff Roasters, based right here in Lititz.”

“The saying ‘Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food’ really comes to life at The Owl’s Nest,” stated Nicole Michael, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing of Moravian Manor and Warwick Woodlands. “We know people have shifted their focus to food sourcing information, and want to know where the food came from that’s on their plate. That’s possible at The Owl’s Nest, all while supporting the local farming and sustainable seafood economy.”

The Owls’ Nest locally sourced and sustainably produced food partners include:

  • Royal Tide Salmon Co. – providing premium farm-raised Atlantic Salmon off the coast of northeastern Canada, where natural tidal exchanges serve to circulate the water to ensure healthy fish and minimal environmental impact. We receive the healthier and better tasting salmon from the ocean to kitchen in less than 48 hours.
  • Freebird – produces antibiotic free poultry raised on family-owned farms here in Pennsylvania, delivering a moist and tender eating experience on a consistent basis.
  • Pennsylvania Proud – Indian Ridge’s exclusive trademark label that encompasses all beef, pork, poultry, artisanal cheese, and other products made in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. All proteins can be source-verified.
  • Fox Meadows Creamery – Started in the 1950s, this dairy farm is a leader in Lancaster County in milk quality. Great ice cream starts with farm-fresh milk, and the creamery will provide The Owl’s Nest with their signature and creative flavors.
  • Dutch County Soft Pretzels – For more than 25 years, their original and unique recipe has been a favorite of Lancaster County, where quality, fresh and natural ingredients and homemade goodness go hand-in-hand.
  • Whiff Roasters – This specialty roaster has the highest-grade Arabica beans acquired from estates all over the world. All coffees are freshly roasted, made to order in small, custom batches, which carries over from the bean to your cup.

While The Sippery maintains a liquor license, it is a “club license,” which means we can only serve residents and guests of residents of Moravian Manor and Warwick Woodlands. Visit or for a complete menu.

Warwick Woodlands, Moravian Manor’s newest campus, is built on 72-acres and within walking distance of downtown Lititz. The community caters to individuals’ age 58+ who see the value in planning ahead for the unforeseen while embracing a vital, active lifestyle now.

June 3, 2019-Jonathan Sauder

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March 12, 2018-Dane martin