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The Children’s Corner

An Adventure Awaits Your Child!
Welcome to The Children’s Corner, uniquely located in the continuing care retirement community of Moravian Manor in downtown Lititz. In our warm, caring atmosphere, your child will receive individualized attention and educational experiences that are suitable for their age and stage of development. Your child will benefit not only from our professional staff, but also from resident friends through our intergenerational programming.

The Children’s Corner is open to the greater-Lititz community providing part-time and full-time care for infants, toddlers, and preschool children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

Program Curriculum
Daycare in session!At The Children’s Corner, a core of trained, professional staff provides a safe and stimulating environment. All childcare and educational programs are conducted in age-appropriate classes, which promotes small class size. We follow the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) guidelines for curriculum development, and also the Creative Curriculum, designed for Early Childhood Programs.

Daycae learningIn the classrooms, our dedicated teachers create an atmosphere in which children feel emotionally secure and have a sense of belonging. Teaching activities and strategies are challenging, but within the children’s reach. Children are encouraged to experiment, explore, and pursue their own interests and are given choices and a role in determining how they will learn. Each day is filled with a balance of active and quiet play, both child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities.

Infants 6 weeks—18 months
Individualized schedules provide a variety of learning experiences for all of the changes that take place during a child’s first year and a half.

Toddlers 18 months – 3 years
Our toddler program provides a variety of fun learning activities to help children solve, predict, plan, share, cooperate, empathize, and learn to understand their world.

Preschool 3 – 5 years
Our preschool class is designed to encourage socialization, respect for one another, sharing, cooperation, listening skills, independence and learning through play experiences. Activities designed to promote cognitive, social, physical and language/literacy development are included in each day’s

Intergenerational ProgrammingIntergenerational Programming
One of the pillars of our program that sets us apart from other childcare centers is our reputation and experience in providing quality intergenerational programming. Here, children and residents help each other expand their social, emotional, physical, and educational horizons. They engage in mutually enjoyable activities, such as crafts, puzzles, parachute play, sports play, music and movement, stories and songs, special events. Our primary goal during these shared experiences is to encourage a sense of community and connection among the generations at Moravian Manor.

Nature Explore Classroom

Children's Corner Nature Explore ClassroomAnother aspect of The Children’s Corner that sets us apart is our distinction as a certified Nature Explore Classroom. We are one of an elite group of under 20 childcare centers in Pennsylvania that holds this certification.

Certified Nature Explore Classrooms are dynamic, nature-based play and learning spaces. We have an inviting campus that allows us a great deal of exploration. Outdoor play connects children to the real world of nature beyond the classroom walls. Through nature, children gain an understanding of the lifecycles and the seasons, and it provides the perfect environment for children to strengthen and enrich their skills. Discover more about our Nature Explore Classroom.

Inspire a Sense of Wonder & Passion for a Lifetime of Learning in Your Child!
At The Children’s Corner, we inspire through play, a sense of wonder that will create a passion for a lifetime of learning, and the growth of unique individuals. Download our brochure. Or schedule a tour today with Mary Jane Hudock, Program Director at 717-625-6128 or email We look forward to helping you prepare your child for their exciting future!

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