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Memory Care

The Herrnhut Community at Moravian Manor is dedicated to caring for individuals with early-to-late stages of memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Within a nurturing environment, we provide specialized care to Personal Care and Health Center residents. Our goal is to help residents remain better-connected with the world around them and improve their quality of life.

The community features private and semi-private rooms, along with:

  • An effective, unobtrusive security system
  • Personal plan of care for each individual
  • A full range of activities and therapeutic recreation to foster mental and physical stimulation
  • A dining room/country kitchen, serving three nutritious meals a day
  • Nutrition centers stocked with snacks and beverages
  • Enclosed patio gardens and outdoor deck
  • Open indoor areas to allow secure roaming


The original Herrnhut Community dates back to 1722 when the Moravians in central Europe found refuge in Germany from religious persecution. They called their new home “Herrnhut,” which translates to “the Lord’s protective care.” Here, they formed a thriving community where they lived and worked together in peace and love. In the same way, Moravian Manor’s Herrnhut Community is designed to provide a safe and caring environment for those with memory loss.

More on The Herrnhut Community
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Detailed information on the Manor's Herrnhut Community is available by contacting the Manor's Admissions Coordinator at 717-626-0214 or by e-mail